The 7 Best iPad Air Cases available in 2014

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ipad air smart case redWith the recent release of the Apple iPad Air there are a lot of protective cases to choose from, and they vary in price and quality. For people looking for cases for their new iPad Air, here are seven choices to pick from.

  1. The Smart Case: These are designed to fully protect your iPad by being wrapped around the entire device( picture on the left); they have a leather exterior and a microfiber interior to protect your iPad screen from dust and scratches. The iPad Air wakes when you open the smart case, and goes to sleep when you close it. They can be used as stands for the iPad when you want to watch a movie or talk on FaceTime, and can also be folded to be a keyboard stand. The iPad Air cases come in (product) red, yellow, blue, green, black, and pink, giving you a few options to choose from, and they cost $79. They are lightweight, durable, and generally considered to be the best cases.
    ipad air case blackipad air case blue
  2. The iPad Leather Case: These are an alternative to buying a Smart Case, they are manufactured by numerous companies and their prices range from $25-$200 depending on the quality and brand. They protect the outside of your iPad Air, but not all of them protect the inside with a microfiber interior like the Smart Case. They also have a wider variety of colors to choose from than Smart Cases. The example below is KAVAJ Leather Case and it costs $49, you can buy it now on Amazon.
    ipad air leather caseipad air leather case
  3. The iPad Folio case with Bluetooth Keyboard: These cases provide great protection for your iPad air, the Bluetooth keyboard makes typing a lot easier and faster, at a little over a quarter of an inch, it is one of the thinnest keyboards available. The battery lasts for up to three months before needing to be recharged, and the keys are backlit, which allows you to see what you are typing if you are in a place with low light. They are only available in black and white, and cost $99, if you want to purchase this case visit this website.
    ipad air folio caseipad folio case white
  4. The iPad Air Survivor Case: These are the types of cases you need to protect your iPad if you are prone to dropping it on the ground, or if you are in an environment where it could get wet, or be exposed to sand. The iPad Air survivor case is a rugged heavy duty case that is designed to protect your iPad from extreme situations, and has been tested to meet the requirements of the U.S Department of Defense. It comes in multiple colors, and sells for $79. The case is bulky, but is worth it if you use your iPad air in situations where it can be exposed to water and other elements.survivor case ipad air
  5. iPad Air Ultra Lightweight Case: These are similar to the Smart Cases, they also turn your iPad on and off when you open or close them. They are affordable at $13; they look good, and have a very wide array of colors to choose from. However, they do not offer as much protection as the Survivor case but they have a built in stand. You can buy them from here.
    ultralight ipad caseultra light ipad air case
  6. Snugg iPad Air Case: These are very good cases that provide good protection for your iPad Air, They also have the automatic wake and sleep function, with a built in stand, and a hand strap which helps prevent accidental drops. You also have access to all your iPad Air ports, so you don’t have to take it out of the case to plug anything in. They come in 14 different colors and retail for $30, which is worth it because they come with a lifetime guarantee.
    snugg nice ipad air casesnugg ipad air case with hand strap
  7. The Custom iPad Air Case: These cases are great, especially for people who want to express their artistic sides. The make quality cases from recycled materials, and you get to create your own unique design that they will handcraft to the case, or you can pick from their selection of designs. It is a great way to express your personality on your iPad Air case, you also get to choose any color you want for your case and design, and the cases are also reasonably priced at $50. Our website is currently looking for the best custom case supplier, we will keep you posted!
    ipad air custom case

4 thoughts on “The 7 Best iPad Air Cases available in 2014

  1. Jamie

    Great article, I was looking for iPad air cases comparison for a long time, thank you very much! I’ve ordered the Snugg case, it seemed like the best option to me, I will let you know how it is!

    1. James

      So. How is it? The price seems right.
      I’m leaning towards the iPad Air Survivor Case. US DoD mil-spec

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  3. Diana

    Update: I knew that they would eventually slash these prices. If you haven’t heard of HUGE ZON DEALS to get discounts from Amazon, just google it. They have a yellow widget on their homepage that will show the top discounts for any product, including ipad cases, on Amazon all in one place. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.


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