10 iPad Air Tips and Tricks

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tips and tricksRecently Apple announced the release of the 5th generation model of iPad, the iPad Air that runs on iOS 7. The gadget possesses some interesting features that one should get accustomed to in order to manage the device properly. The following are 10 fun iPad Air tricks that may give the owner of device some ideas on how the device works.

Firstly, multitasking is made possible by double-clicking the Home button where a multi-task tray appears at the bottom. Recently used apps can be activated by swiping either to the left or right. Closing the apps is also easy and can be done by swiping it up.

The keyboard of the iPad may also be split into two virtual keyboards. This is done by touching either side of the keyboard then swiping outwards in opposite directions. The two keyboards formed can be merged by swiping them towards each other.

iPad Air Split Keyboard

While typing, one may end a sentence quickly by double tapping the space bar. This trick adds a period and automatically adds a space so as to start a new sentence.

Another interesting trick is whereby one wants to delete an entire text without the necessity of tapping the backspace button. This is done by shaking the iPad. This makes the Undo button to pop. The Redo option is also made available by shaking it again.

Organizing apps especially if one has many of them is also easy. This is by holding a particular app icon and dropping it on another app icon. This makes them go into one folder which has the capacity of holding 20 apps.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be created by clicking on settings, general, keyboard then add new shortcut option which then creates a shortcut of a particular phrase.

The iPad can also be used to remote control a PC. This is by using the necessary apps such as Pocket Cloud.

The iPad may also be used as a second monitor. An app such as Air Display enables the iPad to be used in controlling the main monitor.

ipad air display app

One may also browse safely by going to Settings, Safari then turning on Private Browsing. This action makes it possible for non-recording of visited pages.

Hiding a purchased app is also possible. This is by opening App Store then tapping on purchased. Look for the app you intend to hide then swipe it either left or right. A red button appears written Hide. Tap on it which hides that specific app from the list of apps.

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