5 Great Leather Cases for iPad Air

So you just bought your new iPad Air and cannot seem to get enough of it. From its wealth of functionality to its exterior aesthetic design, you hope to live forever. Well, you can now protect your iPad Air from scratches and general damage, thanks to the new leather cases that are already in the market. The leather cases give your iPad a stylish look that serves to boldly define your personality wherever you go. In addition to that, leather is a very durable material that will most certainly last you a long time while protecting your iPad Air from damage and scratches. The following are a sample of the leather cases from which you can choose the design that best suits your personality. Continue reading

iPad Air Games for Toddlers

Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kidsThe best game for my children that I have come across on the iPad Air is the Avokiddo Emotions. The children get to play with a wide variety of animals and experiment with emotions to further their own emotional education. The full availability of a child’s emotions can be integral to the growing process. I
t is children that are out of touch with their emotions that develop personality disorders and end up chewing on Frisbees for lunch. The variety of the game is really what makes it the best. I would suggest it for any child that is at least three years old. The game is very exciting and can teach the children a great deal about the emotive spectrum that is available. The first step to understanding the world is understanding emotions and this game is fantastic for that. The game is silly and fun but also can have its moments of seriousness and is great for any toddler. Continue reading

iPad Air 2 – What is known so far

ipad air 2

Leaked picture of iPad Air 2

At the end of the last year, Apple introduced its 5th gen tablet and christened it iPad Air. It received critical acclaim. It was dubbed as the true successor to iPad2. The design and features of iPad Air were praised by all. With all the commotion that iPad Air generated, the next highly anticipated product release by Apple is naturally iPad Air 2. Continue reading