Comparison Table for AirPrint Compatible Printers

ipad airprint appPrinting from iPad Air is quite easy, if you don’t know how to do it, check out this tutorial, but finding a printer that supports the AirPrint functionality can be a quite tedious task. In this article we found the 16 most popular printers in the price range of $75 – $400 and we created a comparison table showing the most important characteristics of a printer: The brand, All-in-one capabilities, Ink type and Price. In addition to that, we checked the reviews of these printers in 3 different retail stores and we created our own rating that is the average from the scores in the 3 stores.  Continue reading

iPad Air Case with Lifetime Guarantee

snugg nice ipad air caseHaving already purchased/received your iPad Air, you probably wonder what is the best case than you can so that you can protect it and make better use of it. In one of our previous articles we have compiled a list with the 7 best iPad Air cases, but the one which grabbed the interest of our audience was the Snugg Case with a lifetime guarantee, so in this post we will examine the futures of it more thoroughly.  Continue reading

How can the iPad Air save you money

money imageMobile devices are becoming extremely popular in today’s modern world and tablets are proving to be a success with the general public. This is because they are easy to carry round and can be used on the go. They can also be slipped into a hand bag or a rucksack with ease and have a long battery life. They are also extremely powerful and can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as document creation, satellite navigation and enjoyment with games and other media such as films and music. In this article we will take a look at the question, how can iPad Air save you money? Continue reading

An elaborate Guide on How to print directly from iPad Air

ipad airprint appMost people have faced various challenges when it comes to printing from different portable devices such as phones and tablets. AirPrint is a feature that has been incorporated in all the latest operating systems from Apple that lets the user print from numerous applications that they may have on their apple product including the iPad Air. This feature allows you to print to any wireless enabled printer directly from your iPad Air. Continue reading

6 Tips To Increase Your iPad Air Battery Life

ipad batteryLike the Retina iPad Mini, the iPad Air comes with an incredible 10 hour battery life but still boasts of great features and apps like its predecessor. Generally, battery life is not often a significant issue on the iPad series, but if you that feel you’re getting relatively less than the expected battery performance on your iPad Air, there are several simple tips you can follow to reduce battery drain as well as improve battery life. Continue reading

How iPad Air Can be Used as a Second Monitor

second monitor iPad AirIt would be great to have two monitors for the same system. There is no denying that in some cases a single monitor just is not enough. However, using two monitors can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth as a result of a complicated set up. Setting up cable connections is never fun and it looks messy. Your iPad Air can be used as a second monitor without having to connect any wires at all. Continue reading